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Are you a tech geek?
Do you love command-based apps which give you a retrospect feeling?
Then, you're at the right place.

Studio Cade introduces its own command-based calculator!

Calculatio is a command-based calculator made especially for those who like console applications. Most of the apps available in the internet are graphic oriented. That means that these apps have a lot of graphics and animations. But Calculatio doesn't have any graphics or animations. All it consists is a console UI, driven by commands inputted by the user, similar to J.A.S.C.I.S.

NEW! Calculatio is going to be inbuilt into J.A.S.C.I.S. in v0.1f.

Published Nov 04, 2016
AuthorStudio Cade
Tagscalculator, command-driven, console, software


Calculatio 1.0.exe 1 MB

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